Onleihe. Lord Jim




An early and primary event is Jims abandonment of a ship in distress on which he is serving as a mate. He is publicly censured for this action and the novel follows his later attempts at coming to terms with his past. Lord Jim tells the storiy of the doomed vessel Patna and his chief mate Jim. When he and his crew abandon the sinking vessel with its passengers still on board Jim is put on trial and has to life with his dishonourable action. The tragedy of his fall and his struggle to redeem himself is the main theme of the novel. In addition to the lyricism and beauty of Conrads descriptive writing, the novel is remarkable for its sophisticated structure. The bulk of the novel is told in the form of a story recited by the character Marlow to a group of listeners, and the conclusion is presented in the form of a letter from Marlow. Within Marlows narration, other characters also tell their own stories in nested dialogue. Thus, events in the novel are described from several view points, and often out of chronological order.

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