Onleihe. How to be German in 50 easy steps


How to be German in 50 easy steps

How to be German in 50 easy steps

A guide from Apfelsaftschorle to Tschüss

Autor*in: Fletcher, Adam

Jahr: 2013

Sprache: Englisch

Umfang: 69 S.



Breakfast lavishly, pre-book all your holidays years in advance, dress sensibly and obey the red man! «How to be German» presents all the little absurdities that make living in Germany such a pleasure. It’s required reading for all Ausländer and for Germans who sometimes have the feeling they don’t understand their own country. We learn why the Germans speak so freely about sex, why they are so obsessed with «Spiegel Online» and why they all dream of being naked in a lake of Apfelsaftschorle. At the end, the only thing left to say to Adam Fletcher’s love letter to Germany is «Alles klar!» This e-book is also available in German: «Wie man Deutscher wird in 50 einfachen Schritten. Eine Anleitung von Apfelsaftschorle bis Tschüss». The printed edition has been published as a bilingual turn-around book.
Autor(en) Information:
Adam Fletcher is a thirty-year-old, bald Englishman living in Berlin. When not writing books and articles, he mostly spends his days dreaming up a whole range of largely unsuccessful products for his business «The Hipstery», eating chocolate and napping. He dedicates this book to his Ossi girlfriend Annett, since she dropped about 18,000 hints that he should do so and he’d really just like a little peace and quiet now. «How to be German» started its life as an online blog series, which much to Adam’s surprise has been read more than one million times, generating thousands of comments, both saying how right and how wrong he was (this directly resulted in the addition of Step 29: Klugscheißen). Adam has written about thirty new steps, expanded some old ones, had everything nicely illustrated and the result is this book. Find out more about Adam and how you can also contact him to tell him how right/wrong he is at About the illustrator Robert M. Schöne is a German freelance graphic designer and hermit. Formerly a mayoral candidate for the city of Pirna, he now mostly spends his time collecting obscure fonts and dolphin-themed clipart. He has successfully completed 37 of «How to be German’s» 50 steps, but flat out refuses to wait at the red Ampelmännchen or get a «real» job.

Titel: How to be German in 50 easy steps

Autor*in: Fletcher, Adam

Illustrator*in: Schöne, Robert M.

Verlag: C.H.Beck

ISBN: 9783406656835

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