Onleihe. I dreamed ...


I dreamed ...

I dreamed ...

Person: Gandman, Alexiev

Year: 2013

Language: English

Scope: 38 p.


The book "I Dreamed ..." is a journey into the depths of the subconscious. An invitation to join a surreal adventure, to wander through a world without meaning. Children will identify with this world which, while it doesn't seem to make sense, belongs to the childhood imagination.
Author text:
Alexiev Gandman was born in the Province of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Alexiev studied sculpture.

Title: I dreamed ...

Person: Gandman, Alexiev

Illustrator: Gandman, Alexiev

Publisher : Vielflieger Verlag

ISBN: 9783943223460

Category: Kids Room, For Our Youngest

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Format: PDF

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