Onleihe. Executive Communication Training (EN)


Executive Communication Training (EN)

Executive Communication Training (EN)

Person: O'Connor, Dan

Year: 2021


Become a master of executive communication Great leadership consists mainly of great communication skills. In this interactive video course you will be provided with all tools and techniques you need in the daily life of an executive. Learn how to present confidently, motivate employees and get your team to go the extra mile. Dan O'Connor will show you that changing your words will eventually change your mind and thought patterns, resulting in a change of your very own experience of the world. Dan will introduce you to tactical communication strategies that will help you appear and sound like the charismatic and sophisticated executive you are. Furthermore, you will learn specific tactics and techniques to deal with difficult situations and confrontations and how to stand your point in head wind. After this course you will be able to: - Appear professional in any surrounding - Stand your point when debating, arguing, presenting ideas when other people try to steal your well-deserved spotlight - Disagree and debate, and surrender if necessary but use this as a booster for your professional appearance - Visually present yourself in a confident and powerful way using body language and other non-verbal techniques - Show confidently that you deserve to be in this position

Title: Executive Communication Training (EN)

Person: O'Connor, Dan

Publisher : Lecturio GmbH

Category: eLearning, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Präsentation & Rhetorik

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