Onleihe. Green cosmetics




The skin loves green Green Cosmetics are biological alternatives to deodorants containing aluminum, skin creams containing polyethylene glycol, and products tested on animals. Shampoos grow on trees; meadow flowers give us toothpaste, and sunscreen sprouts in the garden. Everything is 100 percent natural, conjured up quickly and so pure it can be tasted. It's a healthy makeover from nature - like biting into a fresh apple! Cosmetics from nature " 130 complete recipes; many vegan " creams, ointments, skin smoothies, deodorants, shampoos, dental care, depilation, sun protection, baby care, and much more " suitable for all skin types and for all the family " readily available food-quality ingredients " quick and easy to prepare in the kitchen " step-by-step instructions

Autor(en) Information:

Gabriela Nedoma is a natural history teacher with Romanian roots. She specializes in wild plants, transcultural plant knowledge and historical naturopathy. Her teaching focuses on living nature, with topics including buds, trees, water, Hildegard of Bingen or forgotten crops. Committed to an ecological lifestyle, Gabriela teaches on green cosmetics and has organized nature projects in both children's and adult education.

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