Onleihe. Biofouling methods




Biofouling Methods provides a "cook book" for both established workers and those new to the field. The methods included in this important new book range from tried and tested techniques to those at the cutting edge, encompassing the full diversity of this multidisciplinary field. The book covers methods for microbial and macrofouling, coatings and biocides, and ranges from methods for fundamental studies to methods relevant for industrial applications. There is an emphasis on answering questions and each chapter provides technical methods and problem-solving hints and tips. Bringing together a wealth of international contributions and edited by three internationally known and respected experts in the subject Biofouling Methods is the essential methodology reference in the field for all those working in the antifouling industry including those involved in formulation of antifouling products such as paints and other coatings. Aquatic biologists, ecologists, environmental scientists and lawyers, marine engineers, aquaculture personnel, chemists, and medical researchers will all find much of interest within this book. All universities and research establishments where these subjects are studied and taught should have copies of this important work on their shelves.

Autor(en) Information:

Dr. Sergey Dobretsov has worked for more than 20 years on biofouling, is widely published, and is the co-inventor on four international antifouling patents. He trained as a biologist in St Petersburg State University, Russia, and has worked in leading biofouling research centers in Russia, Hong Kong, Germany, and the USA. He is currently an Assistant Professor at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman. He is on the editorial boards of the journals Marine Ecology Progress Series and Biofouling. Dr. David N. Williams is the RD&I Director for AkzoNobel Marine & Protective Coatings. Based in the North East of England he originally trained as a chemist at Durham University and at Lausanne University, Switzerland. His specific expertise is in the area of nonbiocidal antifouling technologies and he is the co-inventor on a number of patents on silicone foul-release coatings and applications. Dr. Jeremy C. Thomason is a marine biologist, a former academic at a British University and Royal Society Industrial Research Fellow, and now runs a scientific and technical consultancy, Ecoteknica, from the Yucatán, México. He has worked in the field of biofouling for more than 20 years, is co-inventor on several patents, and is a co-editor of the book Biofouling also published by Wiley Blackwell in 2010.

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