Onleihe. Kathrin talks with her eyes




Although Kathrin is unable to speak, she has got a lot to say. It was her wish to communicate to others what is important for her. As a ten-year-old girl she describes her day. 8 years later Kathrin takes her A-levels and tells us about what she thinks and how she feels. At the moment she is studying education at the Cologne University and is currently working on her Bachelor's thesis in the area of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC). She describes her daily schedule as student without acoustic speech in an epilogue.

Autor(en) Information:

Kathrin Lemler was born in 1985 in Rhineland-Palatinate (a western region of Germany), and lives in Cologne today. At the age of ten, with the aid of the children's book author Stefan Gemmel, she published the book 'Kathrin Talks With Her Eyes'. Due to her physical handicap she is fixed in a wheelchair, she is supported by assistants in her everyday life, and talks by means of a speech-synthesizing computer that she controls by her eyes.