Onleihe. The Canterville ghost


The Canterville ghost

The Canterville ghost

Autor*in: Wilde, Oscar

Jahr: 2014

Sprache: Englisch

Dauer: 83 min



The funny and famous haunted house story by Oscar Wilde. Hiram B. Otis and his family move into Canterville Chase, an old English country house, ignoring warnings from Lord Canterville that the house is haunted. Despite the Ghosts (Sir Simons) attempts to appear in the most gruesome guises, the family refuses to be frightened, and Sir Simon feels increasingly helpless and humiliated. The story has been widely adapted for screen and stage.

Titel: The Canterville ghost

Autor*in: Wilde, Oscar

Sprecher: Barnes, David

Verlag: Literizon

Kategorie: Belletristik & Unterhaltung, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy

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